You may be dealing with stressful life situations, having trouble at work or school, grieving a loss, recovering from a traumatic event, feeling stuck in distressful relationship patterns, or preparing for a life transition. You may be worried or afraid. You may feel all alone in your problems. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. I provide therapy services for individuals, couples, and families. I’d love to meet you and begin working closely with you on improving your life, enhancing your relationships, and moving away from whatever you’re struggling with — pain, stress, hurt, anger, sorrow. Together we can move forward. I can help you move toward personal goals, meaning, deep connection, healing, fulfillment . . . real change.

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Contact Information —

Email: smartttherapy@gmail.com

Phone: (469) 546-9625

Address: 5220 Spring Valley Road, Suite 122, Dallas, TX 75254

Susan Swank, Supervisor