I work with individual adults and couples as well as adolescents and their families on a variety of issues.

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Adult Individuals

I work with adults of all ages on individual issues, such as depression, anxiety, grief and bereavement, trauma/abuse recovery, divorce recovery, work issues, aging, life transitions, as well as relational issues (parenting, co-parenting, dating, trouble connecting, intimacy issues). We can work collaboratively on specific problems or areas of concern you bring in to therapy. We can also work together on personal growth, integration of mind/body/spirit, differentiation, and individuation.


I work with any couples who are currently in, or working toward, an intimate relationship. Couples therapy can be a very effective way of resolving distress (troublesome interactional issues) within the relationship as well as dealing with depression or other individual issues in one partner that may be impacting both of you. There may have been an attachment injury that’s deeply affecting your ability to relate to one another or connect in the way you have before. Would you like to find that deep connection again . . . or build it anew? Couples therapy can help in bringing you closer together, improving communication, identifying areas for growth, healing hurts, and creating enhanced and lasting bonds of intimacy.

Adolescents (13+)

I work with teens (age 13 and up). Adolescence is a challenging transitional time for all human beings. It is a time of dramatic change and, for many, great turmoil and crisis. Though nothing is set in stone, the teen years can chart a course for individual opportunity and possibility in the future. These years are quite significant. Therapy can be very effective in helping adolescents manage their stress, develop healthy relationships with parents and peers, avoid risky behaviors, succeed in school, and learn to use good judgment in decision-making as they develop into adulthood. I help preteens and teens resolve current life issues as well as set the stage for healthy coping and functioning for a promising and hopeful future. Parents need to be involved in the therapy process.


I have training in systemic family therapy and can work with whole family units, or subunits (like parent-adolescent), in-session together to improve family functioning and communication, and alleviate conflict and dysfunctional patterns of interaction. Family therapy can be so helpful for families struggling with a lifecycle change or transition, recovering from divorce, or blending families together through remarriage.

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